WMO College Vision

Our Vision

Aspiring for all round development of each student entering the portals of the college, this institution is open to learners of all castes and creeds facilitating healthy academic atmosphere. Establish academic and peaceful atmosphere conducive to intellectual inquiry and personality development with a holistic perspective programmes are affiliated to the University.

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WMO College Mission

Our Mission

Strive for academic excellence, creativity and social commitment to the citizens, especially the backward minorities, the orphans and the destitute, upholding the ethical and religious values.

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Students shall be admitted into undergraduate programme under faculties of Arabic, English, Commerce, Electronics, Maths & Physics. The duration of an under

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A Challenging & Supportive Academic Environment

WMO Arts and Science College, an Institution run by backward minority community, was established in 1995 by Wayanad Muslim Orphanage responding to the local needs. Majority of the people of the locality belongs to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Muslims and other Backward Communities, and were not able to acquire higher education, for want of accessible institutions. The situation made Wayanad Muslim Orphanage committee to establish an Arts and Science College with the aim to improve the educational standard of the area by providing opportunity for higher education to all citizens irrespective...

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